2021 Pearl Jewellery Fashion Trends

Historically pearls represented innocence, purity and femininity, however the latest fashion trends are far more dynamic and irreverent. The changing image of the pearl mirrors how the status of women in society is changing to be bolder and more powerful.

Pearls are one of the hot jewellery fashion items for 2021. The trend is being driven by both adoption by ‘twentysomethings’ in bold designs, with novel accessorising, and by global celebrities and fashion designers.

In the US pearls have long been worn by the First Lady in the Whitehouse. Jackie Kennedy favoured a triple strand pearl necklace, whereas Michelle Obama wore supersized pearls. We now have a Vice President, Kamala Harris, who loves pearl jewellery and at this years inauguration wore a stylish pearl necklace designed by New York based designer Wilfred Rosado. Rosado’s hip-hop inspired necklace, combined heavy gold chain links with lustrous white pearls.

Getty Images

It was not only Kamala Harris who chose pearls for the inauguration. Jennifer Lopez wore statement pearl earrings, youth poet Amanda Gorman wore a pearl ring gifted to her by Oprah, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee wore a pearl necklace, and Jill Biden had a pearl embroidered collar.

Over the last year Harris has helped reinvent the style of ‘political pearls’, choosing bold powerful jewellery styles and pairing them not only with business suits but also with Converse pumps and Jeans. In the coming year we expect to see more of Kamala Harris’s reputed $20,000 pearl jewellery collection, which includes a large black baroque pearl necklace and a long gold station necklace, which often wears double looped.

It is not only Kamala Harris who is pairing Pearl Jewellery with casual fashion styles. We’ve seen American fashion model Gigi Hadid sporting pearl necklaces with tie dyed t-shirts and jeans, pearl earrings and baseball caps, ripped denim and pearls, baroque pearl drop earrings plus endless other casual pearl fashion looks.

Gigi Hadid Pearl Jewellery

Getty Images

In the UK we have seen popstar Harry Styles break conventions by adopting both pearl earrings and pearl necklaces as part of his fashion accessories, prompting a new trend for men adopting pearl jewellery.

Harry Styles Pearl Necklace

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In Vogue fashion designer, and LVMH Prize finalist, Charaf Tajer recently said “When we play with Pearls we take the macho man into a situation of more softness. When you show your sensitivity, you can show your strength as well.”

In the UK, despite Jewellers being closed, the interest in sourcing Pearl Jewellery online has remained strong, as gifting and Zoom fashion has maintained demand. Once the latest lockdown ends the desire to socialise, dress up and enjoy long lost freedoms will undoubtedly see pearls take centre stage as one of this years must have fashion accessories.

Check out our bold Pearl Necklaces, stunning Baroque Pearl Pendants and Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings to make your 2021 fashion statement.


Marcasite Jewellery UK

Marcasite Brooch

Marcasite Jewellery in the UK is often associated with an Art Nouveau, or Vintage Jewellery, style. The origins of the UK popularity date back to 1861, when after the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria banned the wearing of opulent jewellery at court and required all to wear black in mourning. In this period the nobility turned to the simple, stylish silver and black designs of this stylish Vintage Jewellery.

Marcasite Jewellery Set


Often in Jewellery what is called Marcasite is in fact Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold. Pyrite and Marcasite are both Iron Sulphides, however unlike Marcasite the structure of Pyrite is more stable and less brittle, hence being more suitable for Jewellery. It is called Marcasite because until the 19th Century Miners called crystallized Pyrite gemstones Marcasites.

Art Nouveau Jewellery

The fashion for Art Nouveau Jewellery, and Vintage Jewellery styles, has given Marcasite Jewellery a new popularity in the 21st Century. Stylish Marcasite Brooches, Marcasite Earrings, Marcasite Pendants and Marcasite Jewellery Sets can be found in the collections of many contemporary Jewellery Designers.

Art Deco Jewellery

Art Deco Jewellery styles utilise geometric and structures forms, the simple styling of black Marcasite stones and Sterling Silver lends a timeless elegance to many Art Deco Jewellery pieces. Many of the items we stock at Pearl Jewellery Online follow the geometric and structure Art Deco styling of the early 20th Century.

Vintage Jewellery

The best way to clean this type jewellery is to use a a damp cloth and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. The Sterling Silver in the jewellery should be gently rubbed with a jewellery cleaning cloth, lightly buffing all sides of the jewellery piece.

If you are looking for a Marcasite Brooch, Marcasite Earrings, Marcasite Pendant or Marcasite Jewellery Set you can either call us on 0800 699 0119, or use the Chat Box on our website


Marcasites set on Sterling Silver are an inexpensive way of owning a timeless item of Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Vintage Jewellery, they also make a stylish gift.

Small Pearl Earrings


Small Pearl Earrings

Over recent months we’ve noticed that Small Pearl Earrings are something that customers are increasingly searching for and we’ve been working hard to help customers find the fashion look they are trying to achieve.

One of the first questions we ask when we are seeking to help a customer is ‘what is your budget’, the reason we ask this question is that it’s obviously going to influence the options. The first choice is metal for the jewellery findings and with the price of an ounce of Gold currently being around 100 times the price of an ounce of Silver it makes a big difference to the price of the final item of jewellery.

3mm 9ct Gold Pearl Earrings

Despite the price of Gold currently our most popular pair of Small Pearl Earrings are these stylish 9ct Gold 3mm Round Pearl Earrings.

The second factor influencing the price of a pair of Small Pearl Earrings is the shape of the Pearl. Perfectly round pearls are quite rare, this is because the eventual shape of the pearl is determined by a number of factors occurring inside the Oyster, such as the shape of the irritant around which the Oyster forms a pearl. Far more common are ‘button pearls’ which are roundish but flatter on one side (useful for attaching to earring posts). In choosing a Button Pearl on Sterling Silver Post the cost of a pair of Tiny Pearl Earrings becomes very affordable, yet still very stylish, and often indistinguishable from a set of Round Pearl Earrings when viewed from all but the closest of distances.

Small Pearl Earrings

Pearl Colour doesn’t have a huge influence upon the cost of a pair of Tiny Pearl Earrings, so long as you are choosing one of the naturally occurring Pearl Colours i.e. White, Pink or Lavender. Black Cultured Freshwater Pearls can also be very affordable, however they are created by heating and fixing the colour of the Pearl, which often results in a Blue, Green or Purple tone to the Black. Only Tahitian Pearls have a naturally occurring true Black Pearl, and Tahitian Pearls are a very exclusive and expensive Pearl, it would be unusual to see them used for a pair of Tiny Pearl Earrings.

Tiny Pearl Earrings

Perhaps the only other consideration when choosing a pair of Small Pearl Earrings is whether you are looking for a simple Pearl Stud Earring, or perhaps something more decorative, where the pearl is enclosed set in a more elaborate setting.

Whatever your budget or choice of style we believe we have one of the widest selections of Tiny Pearl Earrings of any Online Jeweller, and we are regularly updating our range.

We have a chat box on our website and we are always happy to talk to customers and help them find the perfect item.



Christmas Gift Ideas – For Her & For Him

We’ve come a long way since the source of Christmas Gift Ideas was a day trudging the high street in the hope of inspiration.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Online sales are expected to rise again this Christmas and account for a massive 40% of spending on gifts as customers look for quality and value, and become used to the convenience of fast free delivery.

To help with your Christmas Shopping we’ve sorted Xmas Gift Ideas into price brackets, and highlighted a selection of items that would make a thoughtful gift.

Christmas Gifts Under £10

Art Deco Bee Brooch
Art Deco Dragonfly Brooch

Our range of Art Deco / Vintage style brooches contains a range of different styles. Two of our favourites are the Bee Brooch and the Dragonfly Brooch. Available from just £8.95 packaged in an organza gift bag.

Birthstone Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone Earrings, and particularly Birthstone Earrings can make a very personal gift and are one of our favorite Christmas Gift Ideas. Our range of sterling silver gemstone earrings contains many birthstones such as Amethyst (February), Carnelian (July), Lapis Lazuli (September) and Turquoise (December), in addition our site has pearls in abundance (June Birthstone). These beautiful Sterling Silver Earrings are available for just £6.95 packaged in an organza gift bag

Christmas Gifts Under £20
Pearl Bracelet

This stylish Pearl Bracelet features large 9mm White Cultured Freshwater Pearls. As this is a stretch bracelet it will fit most wrists. Just £14.95 packaged in an organza gift bag.

Christmas Gifts For Him

Lets not forget Christmas Gifts For Him, and these stylish Pearl Cufflinks are a perfect fashion accessory. Just £19.95 gift boxed.

Jewellery Set

Featuring Black & White Oval Freshwater Pearls this Necklace and Bracelet Jewellery Set is available for just £19.95 packaged in an organza gift bag.

Christmas Gifts Under £50

Pearl Jewellery Set

A Pearl Jewellery Set can make a great gift, the combination of a matching Pendant Necklace and Earrings is a great fashion accessory. Our Sterling Silver Jewellery Set features stylish Cultured Pearls and Faux Diamond CZ’s for a feeling of opulence at just £39.95 packaged in a gift box with ribbon.

Tin Cup Pearl Necklace

Available in a choice of 4 pearl colours these stylish Pearl Necklaces featuring Cultured Pearls on a Sterling Silver Chain are variously called Tin Cup style (after the movie) or Station Necklaces (because of the pearl spacing). Regardless of what you call them these are one of our most popular necklaces, and a matching bracelet is also available. Our necklaces are just £39.95, packaged in a stylish faux leather pearl folder and boxed.

Christmas Gifts Under £100

Single Pearl Pendant Gold

A single pearl necklace, 9ct gold pendant and 18″ chain, is a sophisticated jewellery piece. Available for just £59.95 packaged in an elegant white pendant box

Pearl Necklace & Bracelet Set

Choose your colour from natural white, pastel mix, silver/grey or black pearls. These stylish pearl jewellery sets have high quality lustrous oval cultured freshwater pearls, and both necklace and bracelet have sterling silver clasps. Just £99.95 packaged in a stylish faux leather pearl folder and boxed.


We’ve shown just a small selection of the beautiful jewellery gifts that we feel make great Christmas Gift Ideas. Our team of pearl specialists are happy to help you find the perfect item, call us on 0800 699 0119.

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Pearl Floating Illusion Necklaces

Pearl floating illusion necklaces contain pearls spaced on transparent nylon strands, or beading wire, giving the illusion that the pearls are floating unsuspended.

Pearl Floating Illusion Necklace

This delightful ‘floating illusion’ necklace is our most luxurious yet, with 15 strands of  freshwater pearls, interspersed with facetted clear crystal beads on transparent nylon cord, and is available with both black and white pearls, and white pearls as shown below.

Pearl Floating Illusion Necklace

With a large number of strands and pearls these illusion necklaces create a statement piece, suitable for formal occasions or that special night out.

However for everyday wear a simpler floating illusion necklace still gives an eye catching visual impact, and works with a wide range of outfits.

Black pearl floating illusion necklace

Black pearl necklaces are very fashionable for the winter party season, and this 3 strand illusion necklace provides a ‘natural’ informal alternative to a classic string of pearls.

pearl illusion necklace

Simple and elegant this popular trend for an alternative form of strung necklace has had a resurgence throughout 2017, seen on celebrities on TV, at weddings and fashion shoots this versatile form of necklace is an affordable fashion accessory, gift or personal indulgence.

These statement necklaces vary from up to fifteen strands, creating an opulent bib of beautiful pearls, to the simple three strand necklace. Currently our focus is upon necklaces upon a transparent mono filament, however in the past we have had Illusion necklaces on wire created, with silver spacer beads to compliment the pearls.

The typical necklace length of a Pearl Floating Illusion Necklace is usually Princess Length, that is 17 ”  to 20″, however being multiple strand the length of the strands varies, with the shortest strands being 17″ and the longer strands being 20″ or more.

To view our full range of pearl floating illusion necklaces visit https://www.pearljewelleryonline.com/pearl-necklaces-10-c.asp and if you don’t find what you are looking for call us on 0800 699 0119

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Baroque Pearl Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings & Jewellery Sets

Baroque Pearl Necklaces are one of our favourite items of jewellery. Did you know that fewer than 10% of cultured pearls are round? Mother Nature creates the remainder in a range of shapes, the most common of which is baroque. A baroque pearl is organically shaped and asymmetric, and may have either smooth or rippled surfaces. We find these organic shapes irresistible, very tactile, and as each pearl is unique they make a very personal item of jewellery.

Baroque Pearl Necklace

Baroque Pearls can be found in the natural range of pearl colours: white, pink, lavender and black, and of course you can also dye the pearls to a specific colour, such as the Cranberry Red Baroque Pearl Jewellery Set below.

Baroque Pearl Jewellery Set

A large Baroque Pearl can be less expensive than a similarly sized Round Pearl, due to the relative scarcity of perfectly formed round pearls. Therefore when seeking a statement piece Pearl Necklace with large pearls Baroque Pearl Necklaces offer great value for money.

Baroque Pearl Necklace

Similarly if you are seeking a chunky pearl bracelet with large organic shaped pearls then Baroque Pearl Bracelets are the perfect choice.

Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Baroque Pearls are once again in fashion, due to their natural appearance and unique shapes. This resurgence in interest in Baroque Pearls should not be a surprise, they were a feature of Victorian and Art Nouveau jewellery, one of the most famous pieces being the Canning Jewel, a pendant featuring a Merman, created in the middle of the 19th Century and now on show at the V&A in London.

Canning Jewel

You will find a wide range of Baroque Pearl Jewellery on our Pearl Jewellery Online website, ranging from Baroque Pearl Necklaces to Baroque Pearl Earrings, and we can also create bespoke pieces to order, simply call us on 0800 699 0119.

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Pearl Jewellery Specialists



Holiday Jewellery – Silver, Gold & Pearls

The whether you are heading to beaches in the Mediterranean or the slopes in the Alps it’s time to start to consider what Holiday Jewellery you might want to take with you.

Holiday Jewellery

At Scintilla Fine Jewellery we’ve been scouting for jewellery designs that will compliment beachwear and casual evening wear, items that won’t break the bank but will still look stunning.

Pearl Bracelet

These fashionable boho bracelets are the perfect beachwear / summer jewellery. A stackable statement pearl bracelet with a show-stopping central 13mm white near round cultured freshwater pearl securely knotted on beige waxed cord. On offer at just £19.95

Pearl Necklace

This unique triple strand twisted necklace has 6-7 mm lustrous white freshwater pearls combined with a colourful burst of semi-precious gemstone chips, in a mixture of turquoise, tiger’s eye, amethyst, aventurine, quartz, carnelian, and more. It is fastened with a sterling silver ring clasp. When twisted it measures approximately 20 inches, though can be worn looser, and therefore longer. It would make an ideal accessory for a summer holiday and ‘lift’ an outfit on any occasion. On offer at just £59.95

Sterling Silver Gemstone Earrings

The perfect holiday jewellery accessory these stylish high quality round semi precious gemstone earrings are mounted on a sterling silver studs. Available with Aventurine, Amethyst, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Orange Coral, Pink Coral, Red Coral or Turquoise gemstones. On offer at just £6.95

Stacking Rings

Stylish 18ct gold stacking ring set, featuring 5 complimentary rings with pearl  and gemstones. These great value beautiful rings can be worn alone or as a stunning gold and gemstone stack! This full set is on offer for just £49.95


Our Pearl Jewellery Online site features a wide range of Holiday Jewellery options, and this blog gives just a taster of what we have available and the keen prices at which these quality items are on offer. Visit our site and browse the full range, and do not hesitate to call us if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can most likely source it! 0800 699 0119


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Jewellery Fashion Trends Autumn/Winter 2017/18

Vogue have a great track record of forecasting the Jewellery Fashion Trends, based upon what designers are showing on the catwalks. For Autumn / Winter 2017 they’ve highlighted 4 trends with resonate with what our customers are telling us:

Jewellery Fashion Trends

Neo Pearls

Spiced up by designers such as Gucci, Channel, Oscar De La Renta and Mulberry, the catwalks feature XXL versions of pearl necklaces, caged pearls, tribal styling and layers.

We’ve long been a fan of XXL pearls, and the latest technology in cultured pearls creates large round Edison Pearls, which create stunning XXL necklaces affordable.

Edison Pearls

Out of the ordinary necklaces

Fashion Houses such as Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Alexander McQueen and Loewe are promoting necklaces which are bigger and bolder; edgy wearable sculptures or breastplates, spicing up a look.

We agree their is no need to conform, Jewellery Fashion Trends can be bold and beautiful!

Statement Necklace


Over sized hoops

A classic earring style which this season designers such as Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Balenziaga have revisited. Doubled-up, stretched or redesigned the hoop earring is part of this seasons look and a key Jewellery Fashion Trend for Autumn and Winter.

We’ve been seeing sales of hoops steadily climb throughout 2017 and we’ve stocked up on a wide range of hoop styles and sizes.

Hoop Earrings

Revolutionary ear cuffs

Ear Cuffs have gone from surprising object to the new jewelry classic in just a few seasons and continue to evolve.

Our Ear Cuffs are still no less inventive and we stock both Pearl and Crystal Ear Cuff styles.

ear cuffs

Throughout the year we will keep you updated with new trends and jewellery styles as they emerge, and keep checking in at our website to see whats new. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 699 0119 and we’d love to help you accessories your autumn / winter look.

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June Birthstone – Pearls

The June Birthstone is Pearls

June Birthstone - Pearls

“Who comes with summer to this earth
And owes to June her hour of birth
A pearl should wear against her skin
Who’s innocence many a heart shall win.”


As  June approaches those of us with loved ones with a birthday in the coming month start to look for stylish, topical and elegant gifts. Pearls make the perfect June Birthstone Gifts, they are timeless, fashionable and show that thought and care have gone into the choice of present.

Pearls are extremely fashionable at the moment and are becoming increasingly unisex, in recent months we’ve seen stars from Billie Eilish to Harry Styles wearing pearls, the catwalks have also heavily feature pearls this season. So whether you are looking for stylish Pearls for Men, or to find a Pearl Choker similar to the one worn by Billie Eilish, we have the pearls for you!

Our jewellery collection contains a range of beautiful pearl jewellery priced from just £14.95 to £399.95. Choose from Pearl Necklaces, Pendants, Rings and Jewellery Sets on either Sterling Silver or Gold.

Birthday Gifts

Alternatively if you need help and inspiration in choosing the perfect gift you can call us on 0800 699 0119 and one of our team of Pearl Jewellery Specialists can assist you in selecting the perfect June Birthstone Gift item.

All of our Jewellery comes beautifully packaged, ready for gifting, and orders received by 3pm are dispatch same day, via free First Class PostageJune Birthstone Gifts

Birthstones vary across regions and cultures, and have even changed over time. For the UK the list of monthly birthstones that we feel is most current is:

January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine or Bloodstone

April – Diamond

May – Emerald

June – Pearl

July – Ruby or Carnelian

August – Peridot

September – Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli

October – Opal

November – Topaz or Citrine

December – Tanzanite or Turquoise

In addition to Pearls we also stock a range of other gemstones in the Marcasite and Gemstones section of our website.

Whether it’s rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants, earrings or jewellery sets you can call us on and our team will be happy to help you either find the perfect item or create a timeless bespoke item of jewellery.


Pearl Jewellery Jewellery

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Pearl Jewellery Worn By TV & Film Stars

It was interesting that as we sat and watched the film Mr Banks on TV last night, in which Emma Thompson wears a black pearl choker, that we should see orders on our Pearl Jewellery Online website for black pearl chokers whilst the film was still on air.

Pearl Jewellery


This is certainly not a new phenomena for us, a couple of years ago a contestant on The Apprentice TV series wore a stylish Pearl Collar on several episodes, and we started to receive enquiries regarding whether we stock 3 or 4 row pearl collars. As a result we now stock a very popular 4 row pearl collar

Pearl Jewellery

Perhaps one of the most popular instances of a celebrity spurring demand for a particular type of Pearl Jewellery has been Mary Berry on the BBC Bake Off TV Series. We started making solid gold and pearl necklaces similar to the Mary Berry Bake Off Necklace over a year ago and it has proved to be a popular Christmas and Birthday Present.

Pearl Jewellery

We’ve been watching with interest the success of the movie Jackie, starring Natalie Portman, as the Triple Strand Pearl Necklace, often referred to as the Jackie O Necklace, is iconic and we expect significant interest in this item when the movie makes it’s way to UK TV.

Pearl Jewellery

If you’ve recently seen an item of Pearl Jewellery on TV, or at the Movies, and you are struggling to find the item then call us on 0800 699 0119 and a member of our team will be happy to help you. We would love to hear from our blog readers which items of beautiful Pearl Jewellery you have recently seen worn by Movie and TV Stars? Even though these items of jewellery are worn by celebrities they needn’t cost the earth and we’ll help you recreate that Hollywood glamour!

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