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Leverback Earrings – Pearl

Leverback Earrings came to prominence in the 1880’s as a more secure, style of earring fitting vs the traditional post or hook fittings which had been used since antiquity.Lever Back Pearl Earrings

The initial popularity of Leverback Earring fittings for Fine Jewellery, in Silver or Gold, was due to the fact that they decreased accidental loss of an earring due to their secure hinged clip fittings.

Gold Leverback Pearl Earrings

Leverback Earrings are also called ‘snap back’, ‘key’ also ‘European Fitting’ or ‘German Wire’ earrings, being initially more popular in Europe than the US, and can be used to create both a stud or drop and dangle effect.

At Scintilla Fine Jewellery we stock a wide range of Pearl Earrings with Leverback fittings, including Button Stud, Coin Pearl & Drop & Dangle Styles.

Coin Pearl Leverback Earrings

Prices range from just £19.95 for our 6mm Leverback Drop Earrings through to £99.95 for our 7mm Round Akoya Pearls on 14ct Gold Lever Backs

Leverback Drop Earrings

The key feature of all Leverback Earrings is a clasp that snaps shut, and regular users of Leverbacks cite three main reasons for their choice of fitting:

  1. Comfort – They rounded both front and back, so are comfortable even when you are lying down.
  2. Security – As Jewellers we’ve been contacted by people who’ve lost a Hook Earring or even a Stud Earring, however we’ve never been contacted by someone who’s lost a Leverback Earring. These fittings snap closed and aren’t going to fall off even if you are playing sport! They are a great choice for high value items in gold with precious jewels such as pearls.
  3. Style – Leverbacks make no style compromise and look beautiful both with Drops hanging below the ear, and even can be used, as with our Button Pearl Earrings, to create a snug fit on the front of the ear.

To view our full range of pearl jewellery visit our Pearl Jewellery Online store, or call us on 0800 699 0119.

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Coin Pearl Earrings – Studs, Drops & Leverbacks

Coin Pearl Earrings are a stylish alternative to conventional round pearls, and we are big fans of these large pearls not only for earrings but also for necklaces, pendants, bracelets and even cuff links!

Coin Pearl Earrings

Coin pearls are typically 10-20mm in diameter, they are formed by placing a shell disc into the freshwater mussel around which the mollusc forms a pearl. The resulting pearl is flat and smooth with equal thicknesses of nacre on both sides. As with all freshwater pearls the natural  colours of white, pink / peach and lavender are available, plus black via heat treatment.

Coin Pearl Earrings

Over recent months we’ve seen a growth in the popularity of Coin Pearl Earrings, as buyers choose these large stylish pearls as a fashionable jewellery accessory that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.

Our beautiful large white coin pearl earrings have a natural lustrous surface texture and are mounted on sterling silver posts, and are on offer at £19.95 vs an RRP of £34.95, with free postage and gift packing.

In addition we also have elegant Coin Pearl Drop Earrings, on safe secure sterling silver lever backs, available in white, pink / peach and lavender. These stylish earrings are on offer at £24.95 vs an RRP of £37.50

Coin Pearl Leverback Earrings

As with any item of pearl jewellery if you are seeking to match pieces and create a set then you should definitely highlight this at the point of purchase. Pearls colouration is natural, and as a result varies slightly from item to item, though we pride ourselves on our skill at matching not only colour but surface lustre. Our team of Pearl Specialists are happy to take your call on 0800 699 0119 and help you find the perfect item or match set.

To see our full range of Coin Pearl Jewellery visit our website www.pearljewelleryonline.com , where you will also find Coin Pearl Necklaces and Coin Pearl Cufflinks


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