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Pearl Jewellery Worn By TV & Film Stars

It was interesting that as we sat and watched the film Mr Banks on TV last night, in which Emma Thompson wears a black pearl choker, that we should see orders on our Pearl Jewellery Online website for black pearl chokers whilst the film was still on air.

Pearl Jewellery


This is certainly not a new phenomena for us, a couple of years ago a contestant on The Apprentice TV series wore a stylish Pearl Collar on several episodes, and we started to receive enquiries regarding whether we stock 3 or 4 row pearl collars. As a result we now stock a very popular 4 row pearl collar

Pearl Jewellery

Perhaps one of the most popular instances of a celebrity spurring demand for a particular type of Pearl Jewellery has been Mary Berry on the BBC Bake Off TV Series. We started making solid gold and pearl necklaces similar to the Mary Berry Bake Off Necklace over a year ago and it has proved to be a popular Christmas and Birthday Present.

Pearl Jewellery

We’ve been watching with interest the success of the movie Jackie, starring Natalie Portman, as the Triple Strand Pearl Necklace, often referred to as the Jackie O Necklace, is iconic and we expect significant interest in this item when the movie makes it’s way to UK TV.

Pearl Jewellery

If you’ve recently seen an item of Pearl Jewellery on TV, or at the Movies, and you are struggling to find the item then call us on 0800 699 0119 and a member of our team will be happy to help you. We would love to hear from our blog readers which items of beautiful Pearl Jewellery you have recently seen worn by Movie and TV Stars? Even though these items of jewellery are worn by celebrities they needn’t cost the earth and we’ll help you recreate that Hollywood glamour!

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mary berry pearl necklace

Mary Berry’s Pearl Necklace

We are seeing a lot of interest in Mary Berry’s Pearl Necklace which she originally wore on the BBC Bake Off TV show and more recently wears on Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts and Mary Berry Everyday. The stylish elegance of this necklace has attracted fans worldwide.

Mary Berry's Pearl Necklace

The pearl necklace features white oval pearls spaced on a gold chain. This style of necklace is routinely referred to as ‘Tin Cup’ after the 1990’s movie of that name where Rene Russo wore a pearl necklace featuring pearls spaced on a necklace chain, or alternatively they are known as station necklaces or scatter pearl necklaces, though more often we see people search for Mary Berry Gold Chain and Pearl Necklace.

Pearl Jewellery Online stocks a 9ct Gold version on offer from £379.95 using thick gold chain and large 9mm oval pearls we currently have 19″ and 20″ versions available, an 18ct versions can be made to order at £795, as can matching bracelets, our team will be happy to help call us on 0800 699 0119:

Mary Berry Necklace

In addition we’ve recently created a longer, 31″, version using 9ct gold chain and beautiful large Kasumi Pearls, on offer at just £399.95


Mary Berry Necklace

We have sterling silver version of similar Tin Cup / Station style necklaces with 8-9mm oval pearls on a thick 20″ sterling silver chain on offer from £59.95 (normal RRP £89.95). Silver Mary Berry Style Necklace

We also have a stylish Pearl Station Necklace with a thin 14k gold plated box chain at £39.95.

Gold Chain Pearl Necklace

In addition to the Tin Cup / Station Style necklace we’ve also seen Mary Berry wear this beautiful white large pearl necklace

Mary Berry Large Pearl Necklace

we’ve a similar large white pearl necklace featuring 10 mm round pearls on offer at £299.95 (normal RRP £349.95)

We’ve also seen Mary feature on the cover of the October 2016 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine, wearing a large pearl illusion necklace.

mary berry good housekeeping

We have sourced a similar design of illusion necklace, with 11 strands of slightly smaller pearls but similar effect, and have it on offer at our Pearl Jewellery Online site for just £34.95,

People often call us to ask about Mary Berry’s Pearl Necklace, however as we’ve hopefully shown above she’s a great aficionado of pearls and wears a range of stunning necklace styles, hopefully our guide above will help clarify which particular style is being sought.

Call us on 0800 699 0119 for more information, or email us at:

customer service@scintillafinejewellery.com

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