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Pearl Cufflinks or Mother of Pearl Cufflinks Stylish and Timeless

In our opinion Pearl Cufflinks, or Mother of Pearl Cufflinks are stylish and timeless. The actual history of cufflinks is relatively recent, as though they came into use in the 1600’s it wasn’t until the middle of the 19th Century that they became fashionable and their use widespread. The rise in the popularity of cufflinks is mainly down to shirt design and changes in dress codes as the more flamboyant dress styles of the aristocracy was replaced by a more practical style of the working middle classes as industrialisation took place, out went ruffs and lose cuffs and in came dark formal suits with tails and waistcoats, starched shirts with double cuffs which could not be secured by a simple button.

Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

Initially gemstone cufflinks were only worn by highly confident men, however in the UK Edward VII wore Faberge cufflinks and a trend was started that spread from the UK to US. By the 1900’s cufflinks were highly popular, and a wide range of cufflink styles and designs emerged, that we still see retailed today in 2021.

Black Cufflinks

Black Pearls

In current fashions the cufflink is not only associated with formal dress but is equally likely to be paired with a formal shirt and jeans as both evening wear and office clothes become more casual and mix and match.

Pearl Cufflinks Sterling Silver

Pearl Cufflinks (Solid Silver)

The cufflink is still part of formal, and informal, wedding attire for the groom and best man, and for those occasions we would favour a Solid Silver Cufflink, as they also make a great Best Man Gift.

Unisex Cufflinks

Unisex Cufflinks

As fashion becomes Unisex we also see an increase in women using Cufflinks as a bold statement of empowerment and fashion, wearing cufflinks with a formal shirt. We stock not only white cufflinks but also pink and black pearls.

Rectangular Cufflinks

Rectangular Cufflinks

Mother of Pearl Cufflinks, also make a great gift for a person born in June, where Pearls are the birthstone for the month, making the gift much more personal and thoughtful. Our Mother of Pearl Cufflinks also make a great Fathers Day Gift, with Fathers Day in the UK falling on Sunday 20th of June this year. A Fathers Day Gift of Pearl or Mother of Pearl Cufflinks is a stylish fashion accessory that will be treasured for many years.

Here at Pearl Jewellery Online we obviously love pearls, and as we see fashions for men wearing pearls hit the headlines in 2021 it is worth remembering that men have been wearing pearl jewellery, in the form of pearl cufflinks for several centuries!


Christmas Gift Ideas – For Her & For Him

We’ve come a long way since the source of Christmas Gift Ideas was a day trudging the high street in the hope of inspiration.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Online sales are expected to rise again this Christmas and account for a massive 40% of spending on gifts as customers look for quality and value, and become used to the convenience of fast free delivery.

To help with your Christmas Shopping we’ve sorted Xmas Gift Ideas into price brackets, and highlighted a selection of items that would make a thoughtful gift.

Christmas Gifts Under £10

Art Deco Bee Brooch
Art Deco Dragonfly Brooch

Our range of Art Deco / Vintage style brooches contains a range of different styles. Two of our favourites are the Bee Brooch and the Dragonfly Brooch. Available from just £8.95 packaged in an organza gift bag.

Birthstone Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone Earrings, and particularly Birthstone Earrings can make a very personal gift and are one of our favorite Christmas Gift Ideas. Our range of sterling silver gemstone earrings contains many birthstones such as Amethyst (February), Carnelian (July), Lapis Lazuli (September) and Turquoise (December), in addition our site has pearls in abundance (June Birthstone). These beautiful Sterling Silver Earrings are available for just £6.95 packaged in an organza gift bag

Christmas Gifts Under £20
Pearl Bracelet

This stylish Pearl Bracelet features large 9mm White Cultured Freshwater Pearls. As this is a stretch bracelet it will fit most wrists. Just £14.95 packaged in an organza gift bag.

Christmas Gifts For Him

Lets not forget Christmas Gifts For Him, and these stylish Pearl Cufflinks are a perfect fashion accessory. Just £19.95 gift boxed.

Jewellery Set

Featuring Black & White Oval Freshwater Pearls this Necklace and Bracelet Jewellery Set is available for just £19.95 packaged in an organza gift bag.

Christmas Gifts Under £50

Pearl Jewellery Set

A Pearl Jewellery Set can make a great gift, the combination of a matching Pendant Necklace and Earrings is a great fashion accessory. Our Sterling Silver Jewellery Set features stylish Cultured Pearls and Faux Diamond CZ’s for a feeling of opulence at just £39.95 packaged in a gift box with ribbon.

Tin Cup Pearl Necklace

Available in a choice of 4 pearl colours these stylish Pearl Necklaces featuring Cultured Pearls on a Sterling Silver Chain are variously called Tin Cup style (after the movie) or Station Necklaces (because of the pearl spacing). Regardless of what you call them these are one of our most popular necklaces, and a matching bracelet is also available. Our necklaces are just £39.95, packaged in a stylish faux leather pearl folder and boxed.

Christmas Gifts Under £100

Single Pearl Pendant Gold

A single pearl necklace, 9ct gold pendant and 18″ chain, is a sophisticated jewellery piece. Available for just £59.95 packaged in an elegant white pendant box

Pearl Necklace & Bracelet Set

Choose your colour from natural white, pastel mix, silver/grey or black pearls. These stylish pearl jewellery sets have high quality lustrous oval cultured freshwater pearls, and both necklace and bracelet have sterling silver clasps. Just £99.95 packaged in a stylish faux leather pearl folder and boxed.


We’ve shown just a small selection of the beautiful jewellery gifts that we feel make great Christmas Gift Ideas. Our team of pearl specialists are happy to help you find the perfect item, call us on 0800 699 0119.

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Wedding Jewellery and Bridal Jewellery

Wedding Jewellery

Choosing the right wedding jewellery and bridal jewellery to accessorize the dress, the shoes and hair is a big choice for all brides to be. The key to success is choosing items that are in harmony with the brides personality and accentuate the desired ‘look’ without overpowering it.

Pearl Earrings add understated elegance to most outfits and are an essential wedding accessory. The beauty with pearl earrings is that you can easily find a wide range of matching necklaces and bracelets.

Pearl earrings

Chokers are back in fashion and a pearl choker makes stylish alternative to a more traditional pearl necklace.


Also for a more contemporary look why not choose a Pearl Cuff as an alternative to the traditional Pearl Bracelet.

Pearl Cuff

The wedding day isn’t just about the bride it’s also a big day for the mothers, and a statement Pearl Brooch or Pearl Fascinator is a great way to compliment a jacket, dress or hat.

Pearl Brooch

Lets not forget the groom and a traditional shirt should be worn with stylish cufflinks, this is certainly not the day for joke or themed cufflinks, and an elegant pearl cufflink is a perfect choice.

CUFFSB - Pearl Cufflinks


Finally we have the Bridesmaids and a fashionable Pearl Pendant makes an inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Pearl Pendant

Scintilla Fine Jewellery’s full range of Wedding Jewellery and Bridal Jewellery can be viewed at our online store Pearl Jewellery Online. Bespoke items of jewellery can also be commissioned given sufficient lead time, contact us on 0800 699 0119 to discuss options.


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