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Billie Eilish Pearl Choker

Pearl Chokers This Years Hot Fashion Item

Pearl Chokers have been one of the surprise hot fashion items this year with celebrities sporting a range of choker styles.

A Choker length necklace is usually defined as 14″ to 16″, though often a Pearl Collar, typically 12″ to 14″, may get referred to as a Choker. The difference is subtle, a Pearl Choker will wrap closely around the lower neck, whereas a Pearl Collar will be positioned close on the upper neck.

The jewellery fashion trend for Pearl Chokers has not been simply for one style of choker, rather we have seen a wide range of styles worn by celebrities both this year and in recent years.

Gigi Hadid Pearl Choker

The super model Gigi Hadid was one of the first celebrities to be featured in the media combining pearls with street fashion, this 2019 picture of her wearing a Double Strand Pearl Choker combined with a tie-dye t-shirt was heavily featured in the teen and fashion press.

Billie Eilish has also helped define Pearl Chokers as the ‘it’ accessory for her millions of fans.

Billie Eilish Pearl Choker

The singer has featured heavily in the media this year wearing a Slim Pearl Choker, which she often combines with a pair of Pearl Stud Earrings.

The singer is credited with making pearl Jewellery ‘edgy’, as well as elegant and chic, for a whole new teen audience.

Whilst Gigi Hadid and Billie Eilish have chosen simple, understated, styles of Pearl Choker Necklace we saw Dup Lipa take Pearl Chokers to a whole new level at the Brit Music Awards.

dua lipa pearl choker

The Triple Strand Pearl Choker worn by Dup Lipa at the Brits was a stunning fashion statement accessorising her Vivienne Westwood dress. Her three-row Pearl Bas Relief Choker featured a CZ, Faux diamond, encrusted Orb emblem, which is a signature Vivienne Westwood jewellery item dating back to the 1990’s. Dup Lipa continued with her regal punk rock fashion look for many post Brit events and the Choker is now a popular item. The iconic necklace is now also known as the Tik Tok Necklace and has been worn by everyone from Rhianna to Bella Hadid

If you wish to recreate any of these iconic celebrity looks we have chokers in a wide variety of styles and to suit all budgets, we’ve helped find the perfect items for gifts, weddings and recently even for a male model for a fashion shoot, a stunning double strand black pearl choker. Check out our full range of Pearl Necklaces at our webstore Pearl Jewellery Online.


Football tournaments drive sales of pearl jewellery online

In our experience International Football Tournaments have an unexpected impact on Pearl Jewellery Online sales, previous World Cup’s and European Football Tournaments have seen our sales of jewellery soar. Our belief is that when the TV gets monopolised for viewing Football games that ladies indulge themselves, or retaliate depending upon your view point, by doing a spot off online shopping for a few luxuries for themselves, and pearl jewellery can be the perfect affordable luxury item! This year we expect to see ladies from England, Wales and Scotland follow past trends and shop, shop, shop as the Euro 2021 tournament progresses.

Pearls are the height of fashion this year and our expectation is that the following items are likely to see a Euro 2021 driven sales bounce in the coming weeks:

Pearl Jewellery Online

Pearl Choker sales have been strong this year driven by a range of celebrities wearing Pearl Chokers in the media in recent months, including Billie Eilish with a simple choker featuring small pearls through to Dup Lipa at the Brits sporting a stunning multi strand choker to compliment her Vivienne Westwood designer outfit. Our 16″ 5mm Pearl Choker with a Sterling Silver clasp is incredibly priced at just £19.95! Whereas if you favour the multi strand look then our Double Strand Choker Necklaces start at just £94.95

Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings have been a popular fashion item over the last couple of years, with large hoops being a feature of many catwalks and for the summer of 2021 Sterling Silver Hoops with Pearl Drops are a sought after accessory . Our Pearl Drop Earrings collection features both large hoops and huggie hoops in a range of styles and colours with prices starting from just £19.95, perfect to compliment your summer wardrobe.

Pearl Pendant

Single Pearl Necklaces are another hot item this summer, the simple elegance of a single pearl is both stylish and a modern twist on pearl jewellery. We love Baroque Pearls, and a large Baroque Pearl on slim necklace chain creates a fabulous jewellery piece, whilst for an opulent option we would suggest a single round white pearl on an 18k gold necklace chain

In our Pearl Necklace and Pearl Pendant collections we have stylish options to suit all budgets and pearl shape or colour preferences.

So ladies enjoy Euro 2021 and indulge yourselves with some therapeutic online shopping, our team are on hand to help with any questions you might have about a particular jewellery item on our webstore, and remember that delivery is fast and free in the UK, plus we provide a free gift with each purchase!


Pearl Jewellery at the Brits

The Brit Awards are a great annual celebration of the best UK music, however in recent years it’s been great to see Pearl Jewellery at the Brits, being showcased by the stars.

At the Brits in 2020 Harry Styles caused a stir arriving in a stylish brown suit accessorised with a white pearl necklace, it’s an image that was splashed across news sites and fashion blogs across the UK in the days and weeks that followed

Harry Styles Pearl Necklace

Harry Styles actually changed outfits three times at the 2020 Brits, switching into a lace jumpsuit, again accessorised with a pearl necklace, to perform Falling, then changing again after his performance to end the evening in a yellow tuxedo. Is this the night Pearls for Men arrived, no actually we need to look to the US Music scene and Hollywood, it was perhaps Pharrell Williams who was the original trendsetter wearing layered pearl necklaces on a catwalk for Chanel back in 2016.

Pharrell Williams Pearls

Since then we’ve seen A$AP Rocky wearing a pearl necklace on many occasions, including at the Grammys. Singer Shawn Mendes has worn pearls are numerous occasions and many other stars of the US music scene have joined the trend.

In 2021 we might have expected it would be male stars who would once again steal the limelight with pearl jewellery, but that is not how it panned out and this year the look that is featuring heavily in the media and in fashion blogs is Dua Lipa’s.

dua lipa pearl necklace


The star was nominated in three categories, and received the Best Album award for Nostalgia, also the Best Female Solo Artist award, yet it is perhaps for her iconic fashions that night the she will be most remembered. She chose the veteran punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood for her outfits, starting the night in a stunning yellow silk mini dress with train, accessorised with a fabulous triple strand pearl choker and double strand pearl bracelet. The stylish punky look was a show stealer, and also once again put pearl jewellery centre stage at the Brits.

Historically we may have looked to the catwalks of the major fashion shows to get an insight into the latest jewellery trends, and to get an idea of what is going to be hot in the coming season, but times are changing and a much more relevant indicator of the jewellery styles and fashions that people are actually going to buy and wear can be seen at the Brits and the Grammys.

If you would like to recreate any of the iconic looks of Pearl Jewellery at the Brits then talk to our team, some items we have in stock and others we can create bespoke, be bold in your choice of Celebrity Fashions!


Clip on Pearl Earring

The Clip on Pearl Earring is actually a relatively recent innovation, for whilst women have been wearing earrings for at least 4,500 years it was less than 100 years ago that the Clip-on Earring was invented.

Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body art, and archaeologists discovered earrings dating back to 2,600 BC in Ur, which is in modern Iraq. Not only women but also men adorned their ears with precious metals and gemstones.

Earrings for pierced ears can be seen in European art from the 1600s onwards, however by the Victorian age attitudes changed and upper class women started to view piercing as self-mutilation and uncivilised, leading to a decline in piercing. By the 1920s hair fashions changed, and the bob became popular making the ears much more visible and a target for adornment, but what to do if piercing was deemed uncivilised? The answer came in the form of the ‘screw back’ earring, and the popularity of earring wearing rose again. In the 1930s the Clip-on Earring in its modern form, with a paddle back, was invented and Pearl Clip-on Earrings, as well as other gemstones, rose in popularity, with the Clip-on Earring design being more comfortable to wear than screw-back mechanisms.

For 40 years through to the 1970s the Clip-on Earring remained the dominant form of earring. However social norms changed, and piercing gained a rebellious prominence with the youth and its stigma declined; the popularity of Stud Earrings and Hook Earrings was on the rise.

Clip-on Pearl Earrings

Coin Pearl Clip on Earrings

Nearly 90 years after its invention the Clip on Pearl Earring remains a fashionable jewellery option for women who do not want to pierce their ears, and as we have shown fashion can be fickle. Who is to say whether body piercing will go out of fashion, as it did in Victorian times, with Clip-on Earrings once again dominating the market?

Clip-on Pearl Earrings

Clip-on Pearl Earrings

Clip-on Pearl Earring designs favour a larger pearl, the clip-on earring mechanism is too large to work well with a small pearl.

Mabe Pearl Clip on Earrings

Mabe Pearl Clip on Earrings

Our largest Clip on Pearl Earrings feature a stunning 16mm Mabe Shell Pearl.

Clip-on Pearl Earrings

Clip-on Pearl Earrings 9mm

Whilst our smallest Pearl Clip on Earrings are available with either a white or black 9mm pearl.

Our beautiful Pearl Cluster Clip on Earrings reflect a style for large bold earrings that gained popularity through the 1930s 40s and 50s and has bounced back in the 2020s.

Clip on Pearl Earrings

Clip on Cluster Pearl Earrings

All of our Clip-on Earrings are solid sterling silver, to minimise the risk of any allergic reaction. In addition, all of our Pearl Earrings are supplied gift boxed, with fast free delivery in the UK. Check out our comprehensive range of Clip-on Earrings in our online store.


Pearl Cufflinks or Mother of Pearl Cufflinks Stylish and Timeless

In our opinion Pearl Cufflinks, or Mother of Pearl Cufflinks are stylish and timeless. The actual history of cufflinks is relatively recent, as though they came into use in the 1600’s it wasn’t until the middle of the 19th Century that they became fashionable and their use widespread. The rise in the popularity of cufflinks is mainly down to shirt design and changes in dress codes as the more flamboyant dress styles of the aristocracy was replaced by a more practical style of the working middle classes as industrialisation took place, out went ruffs and lose cuffs and in came dark formal suits with tails and waistcoats, starched shirts with double cuffs which could not be secured by a simple button.

Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

Initially gemstone cufflinks were only worn by highly confident men, however in the UK Edward VII wore Faberge cufflinks and a trend was started that spread from the UK to US. By the 1900’s cufflinks were highly popular, and a wide range of cufflink styles and designs emerged, that we still see retailed today in 2021.

Black Cufflinks

Black Pearls

In current fashions the cufflink is not only associated with formal dress but is equally likely to be paired with a formal shirt and jeans as both evening wear and office clothes become more casual and mix and match.

Pearl Cufflinks Sterling Silver

Pearl Cufflinks (Solid Silver)

The cufflink is still part of formal, and informal, wedding attire for the groom and best man, and for those occasions we would favour a Solid Silver Cufflink, as they also make a great Best Man Gift.

Unisex Cufflinks

Unisex Cufflinks

As fashion becomes Unisex we also see an increase in women using Cufflinks as a bold statement of empowerment and fashion, wearing cufflinks with a formal shirt. We stock not only white cufflinks but also pink and black pearls.

Rectangular Cufflinks

Rectangular Cufflinks

Mother of Pearl Cufflinks, also make a great gift for a person born in June, where Pearls are the birthstone for the month, making the gift much more personal and thoughtful. Our Mother of Pearl Cufflinks also make a great Fathers Day Gift, with Fathers Day in the UK falling on Sunday 20th of June this year. A Fathers Day Gift of Pearl or Mother of Pearl Cufflinks is a stylish fashion accessory that will be treasured for many years.

Here at Pearl Jewellery Online we obviously love pearls, and as we see fashions for men wearing pearls hit the headlines in 2021 it is worth remembering that men have been wearing pearl jewellery, in the form of pearl cufflinks for several centuries!


Pearl Pendant or Single Pearl Necklace?

What do you call them, a Pearl Pendant or Single Pearl Necklace? We struggle with this as it seems people use both terms to describe pearls on silver chains. One thing we do have clarity on is that they are becoming increasingly popular, as the fashion for simple elegance is growing and timeless.

Pearl Pendants

Large South Sea Shell Pearl Pendants

As we categorise items on our website we’ve chosen to list items that drop from a necklace chain as a Pearl Pendant, whereas a single pearl, or cluster of pearls integrated onto the chain as a Single Pearl Necklace.

Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

With summer approaching fashions become more casual and a Pearl Pendant, or Single Pearl Necklace, becomes the perfect jewellery accessory. We love these Coin Pearl Pendants in beautiful pastel shades, which hang on a simple Silver Necklace chain.

Coin Pearl Pendant

Coin Pearl Pendant

A simple elegant oval pearl on a sterling silver necklace chain is an item of jewellery that looks expensive, but is actually great value very affordable as an everyday jewellery item, and takes no space at all when packing your summer holiday jewellery

Pearl Drop Pendant

Pearl Drop Pendant

Large beads and chains feature heavily as jewellery designs on this seasons catwalks, and these trends cross over to Pearl Pendant designs, and we’ve chosen Baroque Pearls on Gold Chains as the perfect expression of current fashions. A simple statement piece that is affordable and stands out from the crowd whether it’s worn at work, on a Zoom call, or hopefully at some point this summer in a beach bar.

Baroque Pearl Pendant

Baroque Pearl Pendant

A Pearl Pendant has so many uses, they make a great gift as the simple elegance makes it an easy fashion choice and you don’t have to worry about sizing as an 18″ necklace chain suits most women. We often see simple Pearl Pendants used as Bridesmaid Jewellery and we’ve helped many brides to select matching items for their Bridesmaids and worked to their budgets. As we approach summer we always see a rise in Pearl sales in late May, as the June Birthstone is a Pearl, and a Pearl Pendant or Single Pearl Necklace makes a great June Birthstone Gift.

Gold Pearl Pendant

Gold Pearl Pendant

We find that 9ct Gold Pearl Pendants are extremely popular, a single pearl drop on 9ct Gold Pendant with a slim 9ct Gold Necklace Chain is an item of jewellery that you will keep for a lifetime.

To find the perfect Pearl Pendant or Single Pearl Necklace visit our online store where you can find the perfect item, and matching Pearl Jewellery from earrings to bracelets for most styles and budgets.

Shop Now at Pearl Jewellery Online

Pearl Jewellery UK

The pandemic has been a mixed blessing for the Pearl Jewellery UK market, on the one hand the lock down has given people less opportunity to socialise and to dress up, whereas on the other hand it has given many women more time to spend shopping online, and for some slightly more disposable income to spend on luxuries, perhaps using the budget usually consumed by nights out and holidays?

As an online retailer based in the UK the lockdown has given us a further challenge, how to buy pearls when travel to suppliers is off limits? In normal times we might visit the Hong Kong Jewellery Show, generally held each February, which assembles the worlds largest selection of cultured pearls, with over 1,000 pearl farm suppliers showing their pearls in the Pearl Hall at the Jewellery Show. Sifting through the tons of pearl strands and lose pearls to find the best quality and value items to make Pearl Necklaces or Pearl Earrings takes days.

Pearl Jewellery UK - Buying Pearls

HK Jewellery Show Pearls

However last year the Jewellery Show was cancelled, and this year it has been moved to June and it’s still questionable whether it will go ahead or whether we will be able to travel to Hong Kong. At Pearl Jewellery Online we are fortunate that the Hong Kong Show is only a small part of our sourcing activity, and that we have a range of suppliers with whom we have worked for over a decade whom we can trust to supply to our quality standards, even when working remotely. In addition we are fortunate to have a Pearl Expert in Hong Kong, Pierre, who can liaise directly with suppliers and ensure only quality items are shipped. Even so we’ve had to double down on our QC activity when Pearl Jewellery arrives in the UK.

Pearls are a natural item and visual inspection for colour, shape, size, surface imperfections and lustre is a key part of ensuring that only the best quality pearls are made into Pearl Jewellery, it can never become an automated process and requires skill and experience.

The Covid Pandemic may have changed the way that consumers buy their Pearl Jewellery in the UK, and as an online retailer we hope the increased share of Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Earrings and other Pearl Jewellery being purchased online will be maintained, however we also know that once the pandemic recedes and travel restrictions are lifted that our interactions with Pearl Farms in Asia will return to the previous pattern, and hopefully we will also see the Hong Kong Jewellery Show return to its normal February slot, even though it means a return to days of eye testing work and negotiations in the Pearl Hall.



Mother’s Day Gifts

What are the traditional Mother’s Day Gifts? Well actually Mothers Day is a relatively new celebration, it was first celebrated in 1908 in the US, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother and began a campaign to get the Mother’s Day made a national holiday in the US. The celebration of Mothers has spread around the World, though the dates chosen vary and in the UK we celebrate Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday in Lent, which this year is 27th March 2022. Some countries already had a tradition of celebrating motherhood and have adopted some of the characteristics of the US celebration, such as giving Mother’s Day Gifts.

At Pearl Jewellery Online help from our team is available to help you find the best Mother’s Day gift regardless of your budget. This year the ‘Pearl Core’ trend means that Pearl Jewellery has never been more fashionable, with celebrities and catwalk models all wearing stylish Pearl Jewellery. Our Online store has a wide range of beautiful gift options, and to provide some inspiration on selecting a gift for you Mother we have shown a selection below:

Mothers Day Gifts for less than £15

A Pearl Bracelet is a timeless gift and the delicate pretty pearl bracelets feature quality 5-6mm white cultured freshwater pearls with a sterling silver clasp are on sale for just £14.95 in a Gift Bag

Pearl Bracelet

A Pearl Brooch is the perfect jewellery accessory, and these reversible brooches can be worn to depict a Peacock or Flower Bouquet, available with Pink or Peach Oval Pearls for just £14.95 Gift Bagged

Pearl Brooch

Mothers Day Gifts for less than £25

A Pearl Choker is simple and elegant, and our 16” Pearl Choker with Black Pearls and a sterling silver clasp (also available in White) is a popular Pearl Necklace choice, on offer for just £19.95 Gift Bagged

Pearl Choker

Kate Middleton often wears a stunning pair of Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings, our equally stunning version of the Duchess of Cambridges pearl earrings feature luminous white pearls and shimmering faux diamond cz’s on sterling silver, a snip at just £24.95 Gift Boxed

Pearl Earrings

Mothers Day Gifts for less than £60

Large Baroque Pearls are very fashionable at the moment, and we have a beautiful Baroque Pearl Pendant on a gold plated chain available for just £29.95 Gift Boxed, a unique jewellery piece. A similar baroque pearl pendant was recently worn by Kate Middleton on the royal visit to Denmark.

Baroque Pearl Pendant

Many Mothers covet Mary Berry’s chain and pearl necklace that she wears on many TV Cookery shows, and whilst a gold version of this necklace costs several hundred pounds we have an equally stylish 18” sterling silver version of this popular pearl station necklace available for just £59.95 in a luxurious velvet gift pouch.

Pearl Station Necklace

We offer fast free delivery in the UK, and you can email us to leave the invoice out of the order, and to replace it with a personal message. To reach you Mother by Saturday 13th March we recommend placing your order no later than Thursday 11th March and we will dispatch sameday.

Pearl Jewellery Online

2021 Pearl Jewellery Fashion Trends

Historically pearls represented innocence, purity and femininity, however the latest fashion trends are far more dynamic and irreverent. The changing image of the pearl mirrors how the status of women in society is changing to be bolder and more powerful.

Pearls are one of the hot jewellery fashion items for 2021. The trend is being driven by both adoption by ‘twentysomethings’ in bold designs, with novel accessorising, and by global celebrities and fashion designers.

In the US pearls have long been worn by the First Lady in the Whitehouse. Jackie Kennedy favoured a triple strand pearl necklace, whereas Michelle Obama wore supersized pearls. We now have a Vice President, Kamala Harris, who loves pearl jewellery and at this years inauguration wore a stylish pearl necklace designed by New York based designer Wilfred Rosado. Rosado’s hip-hop inspired necklace, combined heavy gold chain links with lustrous white pearls.

Getty Images

It was not only Kamala Harris who chose pearls for the inauguration. Jennifer Lopez wore statement pearl earrings, youth poet Amanda Gorman wore a pearl ring gifted to her by Oprah, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee wore a pearl necklace, and Jill Biden had a pearl embroidered collar.

Over the last year Harris has helped reinvent the style of ‘political pearls’, choosing bold powerful jewellery styles and pairing them not only with business suits but also with Converse pumps and Jeans. In the coming year we expect to see more of Kamala Harris’s reputed $20,000 pearl jewellery collection, which includes a large black baroque pearl necklace and a long gold station necklace, which often wears double looped.

It is not only Kamala Harris who is pairing Pearl Jewellery with casual fashion styles. We’ve seen American fashion model Gigi Hadid sporting pearl necklaces with tie dyed t-shirts and jeans, pearl earrings and baseball caps, ripped denim and pearls, baroque pearl drop earrings plus endless other casual pearl fashion looks.

Gigi Hadid Pearl Jewellery

Getty Images

In the UK we have seen popstar Harry Styles break conventions by adopting both pearl earrings and pearl necklaces as part of his fashion accessories, prompting a new trend for men adopting pearl jewellery.

Harry Styles Pearl Necklace

Getty Images

In Vogue fashion designer, and LVMH Prize finalist, Charaf Tajer recently said “When we play with Pearls we take the macho man into a situation of more softness. When you show your sensitivity, you can show your strength as well.”

In the UK, despite Jewellers being closed, the interest in sourcing Pearl Jewellery online has remained strong, as gifting and Zoom fashion has maintained demand. Once the latest lockdown ends the desire to socialise, dress up and enjoy long lost freedoms will undoubtedly see pearls take centre stage as one of this years must have fashion accessories.

Check out our bold Pearl Necklaces, stunning Baroque Pearl Pendants and Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings to make your 2021 fashion statement.


Marcasite Jewellery UK

Marcasite Brooch

Marcasite Jewellery in the UK is often associated with an Art Nouveau, or Vintage Jewellery, style. The origins of the UK popularity date back to 1861, when after the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria banned the wearing of opulent jewellery at court and required all to wear black in mourning. In this period the nobility turned to the simple, stylish silver and black designs of this stylish Vintage Jewellery.

Marcasite Jewellery Set


Often in Jewellery what is called Marcasite is in fact Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold. Pyrite and Marcasite are both Iron Sulphides, however unlike Marcasite the structure of Pyrite is more stable and less brittle, hence being more suitable for Jewellery. It is called Marcasite because until the 19th Century Miners called crystallized Pyrite gemstones Marcasites.

Art Nouveau Jewellery

The fashion for Art Nouveau Jewellery, and Vintage Jewellery styles, has given Marcasite Jewellery a new popularity in the 21st Century. Stylish Marcasite Brooches, Marcasite Earrings, Marcasite Pendants and Marcasite Jewellery Sets can be found in the collections of many contemporary Jewellery Designers.

Art Deco Jewellery

Art Deco Jewellery styles utilise geometric and structures forms, the simple styling of black Marcasite stones and Sterling Silver lends a timeless elegance to many Art Deco Jewellery pieces. Many of the items we stock at Pearl Jewellery Online follow the geometric and structure Art Deco styling of the early 20th Century.

Vintage Jewellery

The best way to clean this type jewellery is to use a a damp cloth and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. The Sterling Silver in the jewellery should be gently rubbed with a jewellery cleaning cloth, lightly buffing all sides of the jewellery piece.

If you are looking for a Marcasite Brooch, Marcasite Earrings, Marcasite Pendant or Marcasite Jewellery Set you can either call us on 0800 699 0119, or use the Chat Box on our website


Marcasites set on Sterling Silver are an inexpensive way of owning a timeless item of Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Vintage Jewellery, they also make a stylish gift.