2021 Pearl Jewellery Fashion Trends

2021 Pearl Jewellery Fashion Trends

Historically pearls represented innocence, purity and femininity, however the latest fashion trends are far more dynamic and irreverent. The changing image of the pearl mirrors how the status of women in society is changing to be bolder and more powerful.

Pearls are one of the hot jewellery fashion items for 2021. The trend is being driven by both adoption by ‘twentysomethings’ in bold designs, with novel accessorising, and by global celebrities and fashion designers.

In the US pearls have long been worn by the First Lady in the Whitehouse. Jackie Kennedy favoured a triple strand pearl necklace, whereas Michelle Obama wore supersized pearls. We now have a Vice President, Kamala Harris, who loves pearl jewellery and at this years inauguration wore a stylish pearl necklace designed by New York based designer Wilfred Rosado. Rosado’s hip-hop inspired necklace, combined heavy gold chain links with lustrous white pearls.

It was not only Kamala Harris who chose pearls for the inauguration. Jennifer Lopez wore statement pearl earrings, youth poet Amanda Gorman wore a pearl ring gifted to her by Oprah, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee wore a pearl necklace, and Jill Biden had a pearl embroidered collar.

Over the last year Harris has helped reinvent the style of ‘political pearls’, choosing bold powerful jewellery styles and pairing them not only with business suits but also with Converse pumps and Jeans. In the coming year we expect to see more of Kamala Harris’s reputed $20,000 pearl jewellery collection, which includes a large black baroque pearl necklace and a long gold station necklace, which often wears double looped.

It is not only Kamala Harris who is pairing Pearl Jewellery with casual fashion styles. We’ve seen American fashion model Gigi Hadid sporting pearl necklaces with tie dyed t-shirts and jeans, pearl earrings and baseball caps, ripped denim and pearls, baroque pearl drop earrings plus endless other casual pearl fashion looks.

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In the UK we have seen popstar Harry Styles break conventions by adopting both pearl earrings and pearl necklaces as part of his fashion accessories, prompting a new trend for men adopting pearl jewellery.

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In Vogue fashion designer, and LVMH Prize finalist, Charaf Tajer recently said “When we play with Pearls we take the macho man into a situation of more softness. When you show your sensitivity, you can show your strength as well.”

In the UK, despite Jewellers being closed, the interest in sourcing Pearl Jewellery online has remained strong, as gifting and Zoom fashion has maintained demand. Once the latest lockdown ends the desire to socialise, dress up and enjoy long lost freedoms will undoubtedly see pearls take centre stage as one of this years must have fashion accessories.

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