Long Pearl Necklaces - Opera Length Pearl Necklaces and Rope Length Pearl Strings

Long Pearl Necklaces - Opera Length Pearl Necklaces and Rope Length Pearl Strings

Long pearl necklaces are a chic and versatile item of jewellery

Long strings are generally defined in two terms:

  • Opera Length - typically 28" to 36' and falling just below the bust line. A great evening wear accessory, but also a fashionable item for less formal occasions when it can be worn either double looped, or twisted and joined with a pearl shortener.


  • Rope Length - over 40" and falling around the waistline. A stylish statement piece that can be worn twisted, using a pearl shortener, double looped or triple looped, or even knotted.

Long strings of pearls are as fashionable now as they were in the 1920's with fashion houses and celebrities experimenting with new ways to use both Opera Length and Rope Length Pearl Necklaces to create both stylish and dramatic looks.

At Pearl Jewellery Online we are big fans of these long strings, we've even been known to use our long strings to create gorgeous multi strand bracelets, and our Pearl Jewellery Online store features both classic pearl styles and unique modern designs.

Long Pearl Necklaces can actually represent great value, as being longer and able to slip over the head the expense of a gold or silver clasp is saved, though you can use one of our Pearl Shorteners to twist a long pearl strand and create a beautiful new look.


We would love to see your pictures of innovative looks you've created using long strings of pearls, and we'll also keep you updated as we see celebrities using these pearl necklaces in interesting ways, such as Jennifer Lawrence wearing her pearls backwards at the 2013 Oscars.

We are constantly exploring different styles of long pearl necklace and use a wide range of pearl types in our long strings, from conventional round pearls to barque pearls and coin pearls, plus elegant combinations with gemstones. If you've a particular bespoke item you'd like to have created then call us on 0333 090 1686 and speak to one of our Pearl Specialists.

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