Clip on Pearl Earrings

Clip on Pearl Earrings

The Clip on Pearl Earring is actually a relatively recent innovation, for whilst women have been wearing earrings for at least 4,500 years it was less than 100 years ago that the Clip-on Earring was invented.

Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body art, and archaeologists discovered earrings dating back to 2,600 BC in Ur, which is in modern Iraq. Not only women but also men adorned their ears with precious metals and gemstones.

Earrings for pierced ears can be seen in European art from the 1600s onwards, however by the Victorian age attitudes changed and upper class women started to view piercing as self-mutilation and uncivilised, leading to a decline in piercing. By the 1920s hair fashions changed, and the bob became popular making the ears much more visible and a target for adornment, but what to do if piercing was deemed uncivilised? The answer came in the form of the ‘screw back’ earring, and the popularity of earring wearing rose again. In the 1930s the Clip-on Earring in its modern form, with a paddle back, was invented and Pearl Clip-on Earrings, as well as other gemstones, rose in popularity, with the Clip-on Earring design being more comfortable to wear than screw-back mechanisms.

For 40 years through to the 1970s the Clip-on Earring remained the dominant form of earring. However social norms changed, and piercing gained a rebellious prominence with the youth and its stigma declined; the popularity of Stud Earrings and Hook Earrings was on the rise. 

Nearly 90 years after its invention the Clip on Pearl Earring remains a fashionable jewellery option for women who do not want to pierce their ears, and as we have shown fashion can be fickle. Who is to say whether body piercing will go out of fashion, as it did in Victorian times, with Clip-on Earrings once again dominating the market?


Clip-on Pearl Earring designs favour a larger pearl, the clip-on earring mechanism is too large to work well with a small pearl.


Our largest Clip on Pearl Earrings feature a stunning 16mm Mabe Shell Pearl.


Whilst our smallest Pearl Clip on Earrings are available with either a white or black 9mm pearl.

Our beautiful Pearl Cluster Clip on Earrings reflect a style for large bold earrings that gained popularity through the 1930s 40s and 50s and has bounced back in the 2020s.

All of our Clip-on Earrings are solid sterling silver, to minimise the risk of any allergic reaction. In addition, all of our Pearl Earrings are supplied gift boxed, with fast free delivery in the UK. Check out our comprehensive range of Clip-on Earrings in our online store.