June Birthstone – Pearls

June Birthstone – Pearls

The June Birthstone is Pearls

"Who comes with summer to this earth
And owes to June her hour of birth
A pearl should wear against her skin
Who's innocence many a heart shall win."

As  June approaches those of us with loved ones with a birthday in the coming month start to look for stylish, topical and elegant gifts. Pearls make the perfect June Birthstone Gifts, they are timeless, fashionable and show that thought and care have gone into the choice of present.

Pearls are extremely fashionable at the moment and are becoming increasingly unisex, in recent months we've seen stars from Billie Eilish to Harry Styles wearing pearls, the catwalks have also heavily feature pearls this season. So whether you are looking for stylish Pearls for Men, or to find a Pearl Choker similar to the one worn by Billie Eilish, we have the pearls for you!

Our jewellery collection contains a range of beautiful pearl jewellery priced from just £14.95 to £499.95. Choose from Pearl Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants, Rings and Jewellery Sets on either Sterling Silver or Gold.

Alternatively if you need help and inspiration in choosing the perfect gift you can call us on 0333 090 1686 and one of our team of Pearl Jewellery Specialists can assist you in selecting the perfect June Birthstone Gift item. 

All of our Jewellery comes beautifully packaged, ready for gifting, and orders received by 3pm are dispatch same day, via free First Class Postage

Birthstones vary across regions and cultures and have even changed over time. For the UK the list of monthly birthstones that we feel is most relevant is:

January - Garnet

February - Amethyst

March - Aquamarine or Bloodstone

April - Diamond

May - Emerald

June - Pearl

July - Ruby or Carnelian

August - Peridot

September - Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli

October - Opal

November - Topaz or Citrine

December - Tanzanite or Turquoise

In addition to Pearls we also stock a range of other birthstones in the Marcasite and Gemstones section of our website.

Whether it's rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants, earrings or jewellery sets you can call us and our team will be happy to help you either find the perfect item or create a timeless bespoke item of jewellery.


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