Pearl Jewellery Christmas Gifts

Pearl Jewellery Christmas Gifts

We are now at the midpoint of what is deemed to be the peak selling period for Christmas Gifts purchased online - 16th November to 16th December.

Consumers search for trusted online retailers grows each year as the volume of eCommerce continues to increase, with fashion the most popular category by number of shoppers (source eCommerce Europe).

In building our online store we've studied the latest research and drawn the following conclusions, which we've implemented:

Trust is very important to online shoppers, and delivery options and providers matter -

  • 83% of online shoppers trust Royal Mail

Free Postage & Packing is expected -

  • 66% of online retailers now offer free delivery

Speed of delivery is extremely important -

  • 99% of customers expect delivery to arrive within one week of ordering. However the ability to offer next day delivery increases customer satisfaction and loyalty

Convenience drives eCommerce -

  • In a recent survey by Shutl 77% of respondents across all age groups said that in recent years a busy lifestyle had prompted them to increasingly shop online

In our own research of consumers we've seen a number of interesting trends:

  • Rural shoppers in areas such as the Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland and rural England by disproportionately more form us, per head of population, than urbanites.
  • Purchases during the day are in 'waves' - the morning commute, lunch time, early evening and then strangely in the run up to midnight.

We've strived to incorporate much of the above into our eCommerce service, along with much more regarding quality and quantity of product images, surprise bonus items, free phone customer service, and gift packaging.

As consumers look for special Pearl Jewellery Christmas Gifts we aim to be in a position to provide them with quality, value and service.

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