Pearl Necklaces - How To Shop Online

Pearl Necklaces - How To Shop Online

The number of people choosing to shop online is increasing rapidly, and the latest IMRG Sales Index shows 16.3% growth year on year, with fashion accessories up a massive 48%

Whether you are seasoned online shopping pro, or just dipping your toe in the water, we will try in this blog post to provide you with some helpful tips to help you choose the perfect pearl necklace and examples of great value beautiful necklaces, that can be purchased safely in the UK with secure consumer protection and return guarantees.

One of the first things to decide upon is the correct length of necklace, we are not all the same size and shape, and your choice of necklace needs to reflect this.

The picture above gives a rough indication of where a necklace might fall on an 'average' person, but of course we are not all average, if you've a larger bust or necksize you will need to increase the length in inches to achieve a similar drop.

One of the next questions to consider is size of pearl, and our rough guidelines are as follows:

  • Choker Length (16" and under) - we recommend small & medium sized pearls  5-7mm
  • Princess Length (17-19") - most sizes of pearl will look great
  • Matinee Length (20-26") - we would recommend 6mm and upwards
  • Opera Length (26-36") - we would recommend a minimum of 6mm pearls, but also caution in choosing pearls larger than 10mm as the weight of pearls vs silk string strength may be too great (note we would make Coin Pearls an exception to this rule as they are flatter and hence lighter).
  • Rope Length (36"+) - choose medium sized pearls

Pearl Necklaces, examples below -

Double Strand Pearl Choker 6mm Pearls 

Princess Length Pearl Necklace 8-9mm Pearls - 17.5"

Opera Length Pearl Necklace Baroque Pearls - 36"

Pearl Rope Length Necklace Baroque Pearls - 54"

Types of pearl include Akoya Pearls (Saltwater) and high quality, South Sea Pearls (Saltwater) very high quality, and Freshwater Pearls (Freshwater) and of increasingly good quality.

Within the category of Freshwater Pearls you find the classic round pearls, but also some more exotic variants:

  • Baroque Pearls - a tactile assymetric shaped natural pearl

Baroque Pearl Necklace 10-12mm Pearls - £99.95

  • Biwa Pearls - an oblong Pearl, originally linked to Lake Biwa in Japan

Biwa Pearl Necklace - £59.95

  • Keshi Pearls - a delicate petal shaped pearl, the name originating with the Japanese word for Poppy

Keshi Pearl Necklace & Earring Set - £149.95

  • Coin Pearls - large naturally formed flat disc shaped pearls

Coin Pearl Necklace - £59.95

In our Pearl Jewellery Online store we stock a wide range of Pearl Necklaces and at Scintilla Fine Jewellery we pride ourselves on being pearl specialists and able to source and create an item to meet a customers need. If you find yourself in doubt about what type of necklace to purchase or need some assistance in how to create the perfect gift call us on 0333 090 1686, we love talking about pearls!

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