Pearl Rings - A Fabulous Alternative to the Diamond Engagement Ring

Pearl Rings - A Fabulous Alternative to the Diamond Engagement Ring

Pearl Rings are a fabulous alternative to the Diamond Engagement Ring. We read a great article a couple of weeks ago regarding alternatives to the traditional diamond engagement ring on a US site. The writer highlighted that 'many couples are finding that they don't want to go the traditional route of offering the bride-to-be a diamond ring. Some choose something else because they want to make a statement, others because they disapprove of the diamond industry — and even others because they simply like another option better.'

There are many ways to personalise your engagement and to stand out from the crowd, and you can do this without it having to cost a fortune, or having to sacrifice having a beautiful item of jewellery. Pearl rings are a great alternative if you like the symbolism of the ring, but want something more natural and organic. If your getting engaged in June, or the Bride to be was born in June then Pearls are perfect, being the the birthstone for June!

Known as the ''stone of sincerity'' pearls are thought to symbolize faith, charity, innocence, integrity, loyalty, harmony, perfection and purity. As a result historically Pearls were a popular choice of both engagement and wedding ring, though this has become less common today - see Engagement Rings History.

At Pearl Jewellery Online we feature a wide range of stylish designs of Pearl Ring on our Pearl Jewellery Online website. These beautiful sterling silver rings featuring cultured freshwater pearls make fabulous engagement rings.

Delicate and intricate our Pearl Ring above with a CZ (simulated diamond) inlay in Sterling Silver is both elegant and stylish.

This beautiful sterling silver pearl ring below features a white 6-7mm cultured freshwater pearl and has a sparkling CZ (simulated diamond) inlay.

Elegant and stylish this sterling silver pearl ring with a wave design features a cultured freshwater pearl solitaire stone.

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