Small Pearl Earrings

Small Pearl Earrings

 Over recent months we've noticed that Small Pearl Earrings are something that customers are increasingly searching for and we've been working hard to help customers find the fashion look they are trying to achieve.

One of the first questions we ask when we are seeking to help a customer is 'what is your budget', the reason we ask this question is that it's obviously going to influence the options. The first choice is metal for the jewellery findings and with the price of an ounce of Gold currently being around 100 times the price of an ounce of Silver it makes a big difference to the price of the final item of jewellery.

Despite the price of Gold currently our most popular pair of Small Pearl Earrings are these stylish 9ct Gold 3mm Round Pearl Earrings.

The second factor influencing the price of a pair of Small Pearl Earrings is the shape of the Pearl. Perfectly round pearls are quite rare, this is because the eventual shape of the pearl is determined by a number of factors occurring inside the Oyster, such as the shape of the irritant around which the Oyster forms a pearl. Far more common are 'button pearls' which are roundish but flatter on one side (useful for attaching to earring posts). In choosing a Button Pearl on Sterling Silver Post the cost of a pair of Tiny Pearl Earrings becomes very affordable, yet still very stylish, and often indistinguishable from a set of Round Pearl Earrings when viewed from all but the closest of distances.

Pearl Colour doesn't have a huge influence upon the cost of a pair of Tiny Pearl Earrings, so long as you are choosing one of the naturally occurring Pearl Colours i.e. White, Pink or Lavender. Black Cultured Freshwater Pearls can also be very affordable, however they are created by heating and fixing the colour of the Pearl, which often results in a Blue, Green or Purple tone to the Black. Only Tahitian Pearls have a naturally occurring true Black Pearl, and Tahitian Pearls are a very exclusive and expensive Pearl, it would be unusual to see them used for a pair of Tiny Pearl Earrings.

Perhaps the only other consideration when choosing a pair of Small Pearl Earrings is whether you are looking for a simple Pearl Stud Earring, or perhaps something more decorative, where the pearl is enclosed set in a more elaborate setting.

Whatever your budget or choice of style we believe we have one of the widest selections of Tiny Pearl Earrings of any Online Jeweller, and we are regularly updating our range.

We have a chat box on our website and we are always happy to talk to customers and help them find the perfect item.