Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Valentines Day Gifts For Her

With only 1 month to go to Valentine's Day Pearl Jewellery Online have launched a Valentines Day Gift Collection on their webstore.

The origins of Valentines Day are the celebration of an early Christian Saint - Valentinus, who was imprisoned for conducting Weddings for Roman Soldiers, who were forbidden to marry. According to legend whilst imprisoned he healed the daughter of his jailer, and prior to his execution sent her a letter signed 'your valentine'.

Valentines Day began to be celebrated in the Middle Ages, and by the 18th Century had evolved into an exchange of gifts between lovers. Cherish your loved one with a timeless pearl and silver jewellery piece.

Our Valentines Day gift selection contains a range of heart themed pearl and silver jewellery:


All Pearl Jewellery Online items are gift packaged and supplied with free postage.

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