Pearl Necklaces and Summer Fashions
As the winter recedes and the weather turns sunny our thoughts are turning to our Pearl Necklaces and Summer Fashions. This summer more than any recent summers women are going to want to dress up and break out of the Covid blues with some beautiful clothes...
Which colour of pearl is most expensive?
The question of which colour pearls are most expensive is actually determined more by the type of pearl.
Clip on Pearl Earrings
The Clip on Pearl Earring is actually a relatively recent innovation, for whilst women have been wearing earrings for at least 4,500 years it was less than 100 years ago that the Clip-on Earring was invented.
Pearl Cufflinks or Mother of Pearl Cufflinks Stylish and Timeless
In our opinion Pearl Cufflinks, or Mother of Pearl Cufflinks are stylish and timeless. The actual history of cufflinks is relatively recent, as though they came into use in the 1600’s it wasn’t until the middle of the 19th Century that they became...
Pearl Pendant or Single Pearl Necklace?
What do you call them, a Pearl Pendant or Single Pearl Necklace? We struggle with this as it seems people use both terms to describe pearls on silver chains. One thing we do have clarity on is that they are becoming increasingly popular, as the fashion...